Learn More About Speedie Bean

Our Story

We founded Speedie Bean hoping to simplify the way our customers enjoy cold brew coffee at home and at the office. Our mission is to deliver strong, delicious coffee right to your door, while leaving a lasting positive impact on the planet. 

As Tulane students in 2017, we saw a problem: there wasn't a single decent coffee option available on campus. We needed to change that.

So we set out to make a cup of coffee that tasted the way coffee should taste. We experimented with different recipes for months. Finally we came up with a blend of Colombian and Costa Rican beans that everybody loved. 

We started to make the coffee and fill our fridge with Mason jars full of cold brew. We gave out samples to friends and they loved it too. They told their friends about our coffee and shortly after we were flooded with requests for our cold brew. 

Before we knew what was happening, we were filling our backpacks with coffee and riding our bikes around campus to deliver to friends studying at the library and at their dorms. We had our coffee delivery system up and running in no time. 

Delivery Locations

Since starting in 2017, we have worked hard to expand our business beyond Tulane's campus. As of August of 2020 we are now delivering coffee in four locations. We deliver throughout the cities of Chicago and Miami, and on campus at Tulane and Duke University. 

How Our Delivery Works

At this time we are only able to offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY in these four areas. Our delivery service is free, which unfortunately means that we cannot deliver to every area. However, we want to get our coffee out there to as many loyal speedie customers as possible, so if you are interested, check out delivery maps, or contact us. 

We are currently operating on campus at Duke University. 

We are currently operating in Chicago out of the Lincoln Park area on West Armitage.

We are currently operating in New Orleans out of the Uptown area on Broadway. 

We are currently operating in Miami out of two locations: Coral Gables near Kendall Dr. and Brickell near 7th St. 

Our Process

Learn more about our ingredients, equipment, and brewing methods.


We start with the freshest possible beans, sourced from small farms in Colombia and Costa Rica. They are roasted, packaged, and delivered to our brewing locations each week.


All of our brewing equipment is made from the highest quality 18/10 (food grade) stainless steel. This allows us to create the purest, cleanest brewing process possible


We pride ourselves on setting our coffee apart from the competition. Our blend of medium and dark roasts is distinctly different than any other cold brew on the market. Not to mention the care and attention to detail that goes into every drop of Speedie Bean we deliver. 


Our coffee steeps for nearly 24 hours. We filter and test the product before bottling and sealing each container. We use 100% recyclable glass bottles, and will pick up your empties when you order a fresh bottle!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Learn more about Speedie Bean's efforts to positively impact the planet.

Our Switch to Glass

Speedie Bean is committed to sustainable business practices. We realize that even as a small company, the actions of our business leave a lasting impact on the planet. When we first began brewing coffee, we were blind to the negative impact of our plastic packaging. We failed to acknowledge the harm that plastic has on the environment, especially in a city like New Orleans. We made the switch to 100% recyclable glass bottles and never turned back to plastic. Since then, we have maintained our commitment and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Partnership with Plant the Peace

In January of 2020 we partnered up with Plant the Peace to go even greener. Through our partnership we are able to plant one tree around the world with each bottle of coffee we deliver. To learn more about our partnership and their mission visit our Plant the Peace partner page or go to www.plantthepeace.com

Return your bottles to save even more

We want your bottles back! Glass is 100% recyclable and that is what we do. When you finish your coffee, rinse out your bottle and save it for the next time we deliver. Return 5 bottles and you will earn a free Quart of Speedie Bean!