Delightfully Delicious Health Benefits of Speedie Bean

At Speedie Bean we understand that coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle! And, just like you, we take our coffee consumption, and production, very seriously. Our mission statement is to brew the strongest, tastiest and most unforgettable coffee imaginable, whilst at the same time doing our bit to look after Mother Earth.

We specialize in strong, smooth, aromatic cold-brew coffee, in three locations across the US. Providing an unforgettable coffee experience is what we are all about, and we know the only true way to do this is to offer a sensational product. There are plenty of amazing health benefits to choosing cold brew over traditional hot coffee, and we’ll look at a couple below. However, first it’s important to get a definition!


What is Cold Brew?

For the uninitiated, cold brew is a type of iced drink, but it differs from iced coffee. Traditional iced coffee is brewed hot and served cold, usually after being refrigerated or having ice added. Trouble is, this approach compromises on freshness and flavor. Cold brew is a meticulous process of grounding beans and then soaking them in room temperature water for 12+ hours, offering a less acidic, stronger, and highly caffeinated drink, as delicious served hot as it is cold!

Lower Acidity

One of the things we’re sure you’ll love about cold brew is that it is so much less acidic than regular coffee. Indeed, according to research cold brew coffee is a stunning 67% less acidic than hot brew coffee. Not only does this make for a far more pleasant drinking experience, but it also enhances the flavor of your brew as well.


Your Figure will Thank You

 Another thing to love about our sumptuous cold brew is how much healthier it is. Without the addition of cream or sugar, cold brew actually comes to under 25 calories. And if you like sugar and cream in your coffee, you won’t ever need to use as much as with hot brew, so you are still able to cut down and make a difference to your figure.

Boosts Your Metabolism

Caffeine is great for boosting your metabolism, and cold brew coffee contains a strong dose of caffeine. This is great for helping you in your quest to shed weight, as well as boosting your body’s metabolism, which helps you burn the calories that little bit faster.

May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

One of the best things about cold brew is that it contains compounds that can work to reduce your risk of heart disease. Specifically, things like caffeine, magnesium, and quinides are essential for lowering blood pressure and stabilizing blood sugar levels. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acids and diterpenes.

It’s More Eco-Friendly

Not only is our business model aimed at being as eco-friendly as possible (and a recent partnership with Plant the Peace), but cold brew in and of itself is naturally more eco-friendly than hot brew coffee. The concentrate can keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks, and you can make up the strength you want, one cup at a time. This significantly reduces waste, and allows you to save money in the process too!


Enjoy your coffee and Stay Speedie!